Analigital™ is a Southern California based multi-media & design company utilizing organic business growth for any size business. Analigital™ produces innovative audio & visual campaigns for both small & large businesses looking for custom image identity representation, aimed specifically towards the modern technology market. Operating as an artists collective and is always tuned into current trends enabling them to execute projects stylized to any lifestyle.


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Family run Art Gallery based in San Fernando, California where artisanal values have deep roots.  Built for the sole purpose of inspiring the local community to create more and that us at Analigital™  built a facility that shuns no creative away and gives them a chance to exhibit their art.   The family that holds this place together creates murals throughout the San Fernando Valley, produces media campaigns and holds exhibits monthly.   Ritchie "The Manimal" Martinez is the founder and multi-talented creative behind Analigital™ who believes you can create within ALL mediums and is consistently producing Analog film photography  in his darkroom  keeping that method alive while storytelling as a documentary filmmaker/photographer.   His moniker, "The Manimal" was given to him by friends who always referred to him as a beast in production, a one man show type of creative who can do it all.

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